Get ready to manage your anxiety, melt your stress and find that sparkle again!

Let's manage your anxiety so it never controls your life again.



Get ready to manage your anxiety, melt your stress and find that sparkle again!

Let's mange your anxiety so it never controls your life again.



Releasing My Anxiety EFT Tapping Meditation 



You are so done feeling anxious, overwhelmed and having your stress levels on MAX!

You are feeling exhausted because of the lack of sleep from all your worries.

You're ready to finally overcome this endless cycle of anxiety for GOOD!

I'm here to help you go from chaos to calm!


You're tired of being in this anxiety, lack of sleep, extreme stress cycle and want out!

You're feeling like you are never going to get away from these sensations and thoughts of negativity, doubt, fear and constant worry.

The time is now. 

You need to do something about your mental health to change your life for the better or your career, relationships and future life will suffer. 


I'm here to help mentor, coach and guide you to manage your anxiety so that you can get back to the life you remember when you didn't have your days interrupted with this high level stress, overwhelm and pile of worries. I have the tools, resources and consistent support you need to ensure you are empowered to take control of your mental health to start your self-care path. 

This path will be your own but I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you, cheering you on, and available to help you with any challenges you may encounter while also sending you bite-size actions to take that will make you feel like you can tackle anything. 

Aren't you feeling empowered already? 


Hey there!

I'm Brenda Sanders, your Anxiety Coach.
Your anxious thoughts, worries and overwhelm can be managed.
How do I know?
Because I've been there and I can help you with my proven methods, tools and high-level support.



3 Ways we can work together


The Less Anxious LIFE group coaching program is a 6-month program using my Less Anxious LIFE Method, a proven method for womxn with the layered support and resources you need to overcome anxiety and manage your stress for a lifetime.

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Less Anxious LIFE is a is a 12-week coaching package designed to give you personalized support along with tailored resources to reclaim control of your life, manage your anxiety and bring back joy. 

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Mood BOOST Yoga is a signature yoga program that I have crafted specifically to manage anxiety.
It will effectively lower your stress, improve your sleep, manage your pain and of course, BOOST your mood!

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“With Brenda, I’ve learned I can have it all, I just needed a strategy, guidance and a little accountability to get there. I’ve discovered that I can have a successful career, a fulfilling family life and be capable of creating more work/life balance allowing me to really enjoy life without getting overwhelmed.”
– Jennifer J.


"Voxer Coaching has been an amazing tool for me. To know I have access at any given time to my Anxiety Coach that can help me when I'm in a moment of struggle has given me hope that I don't ever have to work through my anxiety alone.
It's only been a few short weeks and already I feel like I will be a success and I can see my future with learning to handle my anxiety being a beautiful journey to overcoming it."
-Julia M


“Yoga classes are gentle and kind to the body. Brenda is a wonderful guide, encouraging us to learn to hear what our body is saying to us today and to honour that with our practice. She describes how to modify poses to work with each of our unique selves. I leave each class feeling refreshed, and a little bit taller.”
-Jody M


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Want to learn how to reduce your anxiety fast? 

Let's book a 15 minute EASE YOUR ANXIETY FAST mini coaching session