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It's time to Stop WORRYING

 Stop STRESSING and Start LIVING a 

Less Anxious LIFE 

You're tense and nervous most of the time and your mind is constantly running like
a never-ending flipbook of worries. 
Overthinking, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis fill your head.
You worry about the big stuff, little stuff and the continuous loop of  ‘what if’ stuff.     

Am I right? 

You agonize over every little detail of any interaction that was even the tiniest bit awkward. Weeks, months, years later you’re still ruminating over it.

You burst into tears for what seems like no apparent reason and the fear of not knowing when that will happen again becomes a constant worry.

You can’t sleep because you’re worried and you’re worried because you can’t sleep which creates a type of exhausted anxiety-ridden Groundhog Day that you can’t escape.

YOU’RE TRAPPED inside this anxiety loop


Between the exhaustion of constant worry and not getting a decent night’s sleep, your focus, concentration and memory are shot!
You’re in your head ALL the time, never able to simply enjoy the moment. You haven’t had fun in like forever due to your negative self-talk and feeling on edge.
No one truly understands the inner turmoil that you go through and you feel completely alone.
You are SO over feeling this way.
AND you know deep down that life really is meant to be lived and lived well WITHOUT anxiety calling all the shots!
You CAN live a fulfilled life without all the feelings of dread, stress and overwhelm. 
 know that you've tried "all the things" and nothing has worked. You might be asking yourself "How is this going to be ANY differeent?
Are you ready to try a completely new and different way to say goodbye to stress and anxiety and to start LIVING life the way you deserve?

It's time to Stop WORRYING, Stop STRESSING 

and Start LIVING

With a

 Less Anxious LIFE

The 6-Month Group Coaching program with my proven Less Anxious LIFE Method for women who want to learn how to take back control of their lives and finally drop the stress and anxious feelings.
Your ability to focus and concentrate is so blocked that your work is being impacted. Sleep is near impossible. Falling and staying asleep is just not happening because of the incessant role-playing of future scenarios in your head.
Your anxiety has sucked the joy out of your life. Nervousness and body tension are fast becoming your sidekicks and your actual relationships are dwindling making you feel more isolated than ever. You are indecisive making you even more overwhelmed.
I know that you've tried "all the things" and nothing has worked. You might be asking yourself how's this going to be ANY different?


I also know that if you keep doing what you've always done, you will continue getting what you've always got. 


I also know that with a proven method, the right support and evidence-based tools and techniques, IT"S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE for you to get the different results you so desperately need.


It's time for anxiety to stop controlling your life. 

Welcome to the Less Anxious LIFE:


  • Imagine feeling empowered to take action rather than held back by overwhelm.
  • Imagine living in the moment rather than constantly rehashing regrets of the past or worrying about the future.
  • Imagine being able to set goals, and healthy boundaries and finally release yourself from the negative self-talk because your confidence is soaring.
  • Imagine doing the things you love because you aren’t controlled by your anxiety.
    ALL of this is possible with the Less Anxious LIFE group coaching program. I know it’s possible because I have lived this through this transformation and so have my clients. I will be right there with you guiding you on this journey. 
    During this 6-month group coaching program, I'll be supporting you and the group every step of the way.
    I know it can be scary to take that step but trust me on this one, THIS is the step that leads you to a life of anxiety freedom.

Lemme introduce you to Ashley! 

When Ashley and I first started working together she had chronic high anxiety with daily panic attacks and a phobia of needles. 

Ashley had experienced anxiety since her early teens and she came to me now in her 30's desperate for change,

She now says that deciding to do coaching with me was the BEST DECISION of her life. 


By reducing your anxiety and feelings of overwhelm for GOOD:

  • YOU’RE no longer trapped in that never-ending loop of anxiety and feeling stressed over EVERY little thing.
  • You can finally go out with friends as planned without agonizing over decisions and the tiny details.
  • You’re sleeping through the night and waking up well-rested, ahhh!
  • Your concentration and focus have improved to a point where you can follow through with the hobbies you love and the career you worked so hard to build. 
  • Your mood has improved so much that you are able to relax and have FUN again!

1 Payment of $1997 CAD


Enroll Now

6 Monthly Payments of $360 CAD


Enroll Now

A handful of spots are OPEN…and I want you to have one!

If you're feeling the pull to finally overcome your anxiety, you'll want to enroll now because there are only a handful of spots available and you don't want to miss getting in and having to wait for another opening.

I intentionally keep the coaching group size small to ensure a high-touch coaching experience, meaning the Less Anxious LIFE members will have ample access to me throughout the program allowing plenty of time for me to personally answer all questions,  troubleshoot challenges and provide any needed support

Plus, you’ll want to get in now before the price of this high-touch, premium group coaching package goes up.

If you get now, you'll avoid paying an extra $500 later.


What's included with your enrollment:

Bi-weekly group coaching calls: This 6-month coaching program includes bi-weekly 90-minute Zoom coaching calls designed to support you through those overwhelming times and tangibly reduce your anxiety.
Not a fan of showing up on video with Zoom? That’s ok, you can attend through audio. Your comfort is important to me and it is crucial to your healing journey. Our coaching group is a supportive space for you.
Less Anxious LIFE Membership App: My signature and supportive resources are located in my membership app. Clients rave about these resources and when you enroll, you’ll know why!
Less Anxious LIFE Collective Private Community: Never feel isolated again with the supportive connection of other women living with and managing anxiety. Gain extra support from myself and the members anytime you need it.
THIS is one element of the coaching program I KNOW will truly give you the support and traction you need!
Daily Voxer Coaching: Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that offers text and voice messaging. Cool right? I know!
This daily coaching support is self-paced meaning you can have as much or as little support as you need everyday. 
This style of coaching is like having an Anxiety Coach in your back pocket for those times that you need guidance in navigating daily stressors and life's inevitable challenges in a more balanced way. 

Your enrollment also includes:

BONUS #1 2 Private Coaching Sessions:  2 one-hour private coaching 1:1 sessions with me to schedule at your convenience over the 6 months. Together we can troubleshoot specific challenges you face and develop a personalized plan to help you move forward.
BONUS #2 Personalized Signature Practices: Personalized mindfulness, meditation and visualization recordings to accelerate your healing journey!
1 MORE very special BONUS!
BONUS #3 6 Months of Mood BOOST Yoga: Free unlimited access to my online signature Mood BOOST Yoga program.
You'll discover a mindful yoga program with integrated nervous system regulation that’s ideal for mood management, pain management and effective stress management. Triple WIN!
From the comfort and privacy of your own home, you will be able to practice mood-boosting yoga either live and in real-time or use the on-demand library anytime convenient to you.
Don’t want anyone to see you do yoga? That’s ok, you can leave your video camera off!


“I was on stress leave when I first started working with Brenda. I felt so frozen in fear and worry. I’ve struggled with anxiety for many years.  I didn’t see any way out, so I kind of gave up on myself.

A friend of mine recommended Brenda.  My friend had been in the same place I was a few months ago really struggling with anxiety and I had seen a big change in her.

Brenda had a lot of amazing tools that really helped to make a difference quite quickly. I started sleeping again and I soon discovered that I had more control over my life and happiness than I thought.  I was finally able to go back to work. I have my life back and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time and that’s thanks to the work I’ve been doing with Brenda.”  - Melanie

“Brenda has such a positive and infectious energy that makes you feel like you can accomplish just about anything with her as your coach.

With Brenda’s help, I’ve learned how to manage my anxiety so well that nothing really holds me back anymore. I have the confidence and the determination now to really go for what I want in life and that’s empowering!” - Chelsea P. 

Here are all the details for your enrollment process:

Once you click the button and finish enrolling in the program, you will receive a welcome email along with your login information to access the Less Anxious LIFE  app containing resources that are ready for you to dive into. They are pretty amazing, buckle up!
Within the app you’ll also automatically receive access to my Mood BOOST Yoga program. That’s right, you get access immediately, with no waiting period. 
If you like, you also can immediately book one of your 1:1 coaching calls or you can save them for later when you need help troubleshooting any challenges that come up. I truly believe in experiencing this program at your own pace and on your own terms. 
You’ll also gain access to the zoom links within the app so you can join our group coaching calls on Thursdays at 7pm AST.
In the meantime, you will be able to start using your Voxer Coaching for daily support and encouragement as you need it. 

1 Payment of $1997 CAD


Enroll Now

6 Monthly Payments of $360 CAD


Enroll Now

This IS for you if:

  • You’re ready to stop living in fear of everything that might happen. 

  • You’re ready to drop the stress and feelings of overwhelm for GOOD!

  • You’re ready to start breaking down limiting beliefs to discover your true potential.

  • You’re ready to kick your anxiety to the curb using evidence-based techniques and resources.

  • You're ready to live each day feeling in control of your life.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You desperately want to keep doing what you’re doing now. You need to be open to trying new things, new ways and new approaches. 

  • You aren’t able to commit to 6 months of focusing on yourself and your future well-being.

  • You want a quick fix or are looking for someone to tell you what to do instead of empowering you with information, tools and resources to help you for a lifetime.

  • You are determined to keep doing what you’ve always done before. 

Let’s be real with each other, okay?

I think the fact that you’ve made it this far down the page means that whatever you’re doing now just isn’t working. Right?

About me:

From Overwhelmed to Overcomer

Hi, I’m Brenda Sanders, your Anxiety Coach and I have lived experience in overcoming 30 years of anxiety and now I help overwhelmed women do the same with my Less Anxious LIFE Method.
This one experience I’m about to tell you about changed EVERYTHING!


One day while out for groceries, I felt a panic attack starting to come on so I dropped everything and got to my car to be free from distractions.
I began using a grounding technique I learned years ago that I knew could possibly ease my symptoms. Within seconds the panic left, and I was back in a much more relaxed and resourceful state.


To my surprise, I had a newfound sense of empowerment after that experience at the grocery store.


Instead of immediately worrying in fear of the next panic attack. (which had been my experience before), THIS TIME I had an unfamiliar sense of calm.
I figured that if I could stop THIS panic attack, I could likely stop the next one.


This took away the FEAR! 
Hope that I can gain control of my feelings.
Hope that I will feel better.
Hope that I can help others do the same.
I made a DECISION that day.

I was determined and committed to doing whatever it took to overcome my anxiety.

I dove into all the latest research and my past trainings on science-based tools for managing anxiety. I kept following where the science led me.


I signed up for courses on trauma and a life coaching certification program. I discovered even more tools and resources for healing my anxiety.


I leaned on the effective tools and techniques I had found helpful in the past and implemented the new ones I had learned and used them strategically instead of the emergency “Hail Mary” approach I had been doing in the past.


I had experienced over 30 years of suffering and NOW discovered a way to create a life without anxiety.


Everything became lighter and easier. This path I was taking was working!


I wasn’t anxious and overwhelmed anymore. I was living a far less anxious life feeling grounded, relaxed, focused and starting to experience joy in the little things.
The steps I was taking worked for me and now I have the privilege of sharing them with the women in my coaching programs!
I’m an overcomer of anxiety and you can #BeAnOvercomer too!
I have the tools, resources and evidence-based knowledge to support you in finally gaining control over anxiety, to begin feeling calmer, gain clarity and move forward in the directions you desire.
“When I first started coaching with Brenda, I wasn’t really sure what self-care was and I thought I had no time for it anyways! I was wrong! So wrong! I didn’t realize little things like saying ‘no” when I have too much on my plate and breaks from social media were acts of self-care. It’s the small, consistent things that have much more impact than a very occasional spa day!”Angela K.

1 Payment of $1997 CAD


Enroll Now

6 Monthly Payments of $360 CAD


Enroll Now

“Brenda has helped me recognize symptoms of anxiety I didn't even realize were symptoms and as a result, I was able to adjust my self-care and take back the control leaving me feeling more empowered and naturally less anxious. Without her knowledge, expertise, and gentle approach, I wouldn't have been able to see my anxiety the way it was creeping into my daily life and manage it the way I am now. Brenda has a way of helping you help yourself in your own way at your own pace but also effectively and holistically.” – Doris Ward

Are you wondering HOW my clients and group coaching participants learn to live a Less Anxious LIFE?

Let me introduce you to my coaching method paired with proven strategies built within a 5-element framework.

  1. Nervous System Regulation Practices

  2. Practical Self-Care

  3. Mindful Movement

  4. Mindset & Attitude Reset

  5. Meditation & Mindfulness

Nervous System Regulation Tools & Techniques:

Finally feel safe, secure and calm with tools to help you retrain your brain and nervous system. 

You'll discover many ways to take yourself out of the 'fight or flight' response and into the healing and very grounded 'relaxation response'

You'll soon be experiencing calm as your new normal with the skills you'll be adding to your toolbox while developing unshakeable resilience.

Future stressors and challenges won't feel as overwhelming because you'll be empowered to face them head-on with confidence.


Practical Self-Care: 

Get ready to feel your best by resetting your sleep cycle to finally get the quality, restorative sleep you need to feel your best.

Learn the importance of nourishing your body and how to  support your anxiety through simple nutrition and hydration habits that are a breeze to implement.

Together, we will practice a powerful strategy called micro-goal setting to help you create long-lasting and sustainable changes which will improve the overall balance in your life!

Mindful Movement:

Discover the Mood BOOST Yoga difference! Gain full access to my truly unique signature online  program designed specifically to ease anxiety, manage pain, improve sleep and BOOST your mood.

I will show how easy it can be to allow your anxious brain to relax on a deep mind-body level.

You will experience nervous system regulating techniques sprinkled throughout the class that make it easier for you to truly relax and enjoy the slow, gentle, mindful yoga. This program is truly beginner-friendly, with no experience required.

Mindset & Attitude Reset:

Learn exactly how to challenge and untangle your thoughts to stop the relentless rumination for good!

You’ll also discover simple practices to release fear, uncertainty and doubt.

I will show you the true power behind gratitude and self-compassion for developing a positive mindset.

When you cultivate a positive mindset you begin to see life's challenges as opportunities to learn and grow while also becoming the confident and decisive person you want to be.

Meditation & Mindfulness:

You'll discover how to re-connect with yourself in a disconnected world through heart-centred science-based techniques.

I know that your anxiety is probably telling you right now that you can’t meditate or try another “thing” but I’ve conquered the distracted anxious mind and discovered so many strategies to make this path easier, less frustrating and truly enjoyable!


Let’s talk about your investment vs. what ifs:


How much would it cost you if you didn’t sign up for this program? 

Sometimes it’s important to flip the script and think about what would happen IF you don't take action.


  • Are you going to continue letting your fear and anxiety control all of your decisions that keep your life so limited and small, preventing you from living your life in the way you truly want?
  • Are you headed for burnout or maybe you’re already there? 
  • Are you going to keep living with overwhelming fear, doubt and worry? 
  • Will your relationships continue to suffer? 
  • 6 months from now are you going to be in the exact same spot you're in now?
  • Are you going to continue struggling with chronic exhaustion and sleep deprivation? 
  • Will your work continue to suffer?


I’m betting that finding effective solutions to these challenges would drastically improve the quality of your life and in my eyes, that’s truly priceless and I’m sure you’ll agree. Right? 

Yes, Sign me up!

1 Payment of $1997 CAD


Enroll Now

6 Monthly Payments of $360 CAD


Enroll Now

Only a Handful of Spots OPEN...And One Could be YOURS!

Enroll now because there are only a handful of spots available and you don't want to miss getting in and having to wait for another opening.

I intentionally keep the coaching group size small to ensure a high-touch coaching experience, meaning the Less Anxious LIFE members will have ample access to me throughout the program allowing plenty of time for me to personally answer all questions,  troubleshoot challenges and provide any needed support

Plus, you’ll want to get in now before the price of this high-touch, premium group coaching package goes up.