You’re in the right place if:

You frequently feel stressed out and overwhelmed

You experience excessive worry, fear and dread

You feel exhausted yet unable to get a good nights’ sleep

You have difficulty with concentration, focus and memory

You feel restless and unable to relax

You have difficulty making decisions

You have a lot of self-doubt and feel like you’re constantly failing

You get overwhelmed easily and don’t know what to do to change that.

From Anxious and Overwhelmed to Overcomer

I honestly can't remember a time in my life when my anxiety wasn’t around. I had struggled with anxiety for so many years that I believed that I was stuck with it forever. That there was nothing I could do to change it.


One day while at the grocery store I began to feel a panic attack coming on and what happened next changed everything. 

I decided to drop everything and go to the car and see if I could calm myself down. If you have felt anxious out in public you know what I mean here

.I hadn’t had a panic attack in over a decade but the symptoms were familiar and I knew what it was. 

I got myself back to my car and in my panicked state I thought of a grounding exercise that might stop the stress response and take me out of that panic.. Within seconds the panic left, and I was back in a more relaxed, calmer state.

The exercise had worked! It successfully shut my panic attack down and I wasn’t afraid of another one coming because if I could stop one panic attack, I believed I could stop the next.

Discovering that I could influence my body and have a tool to stop my panic attack made me realize that I could have far more control over my anxiety than I thought. This experience was so empowering.

From that day on, I decided to gather the leading, science-based tools that were proving effective for anxiety management. I was determined to regain control of my life and learn how to truly manage my stress and anxiety. 

I already knew the power of my yoga practice ( later developed into my Mood BOOST Yoga program) through movement, mindfulness and the breath.

I had also experienced the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or simply Tapping) to manage my emotions and benefit my mindset.

Through my quest and deep desire for change I ended up discovering there were many powerful tools helpful for regulating my nervous system and properly managing my anxiety. 

The culmination of these tools along with my life coaching certification helped me overcome my anxiety and fostered what is now the Mood BOOST Method, a 6-month group coaching program for womxn with anxiety.

I had experienced over 30 years of suffering and NOW discovered a way to create a life without anxiety. You can too!

It would be my honour to support you in overcoming your anxiety.

I’m an overcomer of anxiety and you can #BeAnOvercomer too!

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Hi, I'm Brenda!

I'm an Anxiety Coach and I help anxious and overwhelmed womxn reclaim their lives by mentoring, guiding and coaching them to effective anxiety management.

Anxiety Coaching will offer you:

Support in taking small, baby steps towards  building a foundation for designing a more peaceful, balanced lifestyle and setting the stage for overcoming your anxiety.

Guidance by firmly yet compassionately reminding you that your self-care must come first, while offering support and accountability in helping YOU to finally make YOU the priority in your life.  

Mentorship where I'll be sharing my proven tools and resources with you so you can empower yourself to manage your own stress and anxiety, feeing more in control than ever before and building resilience for a lifetime to come.

Coaching with proven processes and strategies for adapting a positive, confident, mindset.

This is the very type of mindset necessary to envision your life with your anxiety well managed and have the grit, commitment and  determination to do whatever it takes to make that vision a reality.


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