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Profoundly reduce your anxiety in minutes with this complimentary tool!

 If you could profoundly reduce your anxiety in minutes with this one special tool, would you be interested?


If you’re nodding yes, then you need to grab yourself a complimentary copy of Releasing My Anxiety Tapping Meditation!


This powerful resource is one that I have created based on the Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes referred to as EFT or simply known as tapping) to help my Less Anxious Life coaching clients ease their anxiety fast. 


In a growing body of scientific research, EFT has been shown to reduce the symptoms related to anxiety.


This technique involves gentle tapping on energy points known to relax the nervous system, while saying specific statements that help us to focus on a particular stressor or challenge. 


Tapping on these specific points on the body has a significant influence on the “fear centre” of the brain called the amygdala, which has been scientifically proven to greatly reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol.


This is the hormone that makes you feel shaky, nervous, tense and just won't let you relax!


I created this tool using the EFT tapping technique along with a carefully crafted script.


This script will resonate with you because it has been written by myself, someone who had experienced high anxiety for over 30 years.


The resonation of the script is a big part of the effectiveness of this tool because when you can emotionally connect to the statements, you are more likely to release the energetic emotional charge or intensity of the feelings.


But if you don’t believe me, take a look at what Denise has to say about her experience with EFT!



The very first time Denise tried Releasing My Anxiety Tapping Meditation she messaged me through Voxer to say:


“WOW!! That video was amazing…my anxiety lowered in a matter of minutes!”


Then she followed it up with a teary audio message saying that she was so surprised at how quickly and effectively it eased her high anxiety.

Denise is a very happy client in my LESS ANXIOUS LIFE group coaching program.

All of my coaching clients have truly benefited from this one tool and now YOU can benefit from it too!


  • They use this as a general stress reduction technique

  • They use this tool to settle any anxiety that they experience


  • They also use this tool as a part of their bedtime routine to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. 

You can have this tool too and use it to ease your anxiety like Denise and my other group coaching clients.

Enjoy all the benefits EFT has to offer. I can’t wait for you to experience it!




From Anxious and Overwhelmed to Overcomer

I honestly can't recall a time when I wasn't anxious. I'd battled anxiety for so long I thought I'd be trapped with it forever. That I couldn't change it.


One day while at the grocery store I began to feel a panic attack coming on and what happened next changed everything!

I made my way back to my car and in my panicked state I thought of a grounding exercise that might settle me down. Within seconds the panic left, and I was back in a far more relaxed state.



The exercise had worked! It successfully soothed my nervous system and almost instantly stopped the panic attack. I was no longer afraid of another one coming because if I could stop one panic attack, I believed I could stop the next.

My quest for change led me to uncover several effective science-based techniques for regulating my nervous system and managing my anxiety.

I learned that I could halt my panic attacks and I discovered that I had far more control over my anxiety than I imagined. I suffered with over 30 years of anxiety BUT I've also discovered that with the right strategy, the right tools and the right support that overcoming anxiety truly is possible.

It would be my honour to support you in overcoming your anxiety.

I’m an overcomer of anxiety and you can #BeAnOvercomer too!

Click the button below to schedule a Less Anxious Mini-Session, a 15 minute call to learn a powerful technique and feel less anxious fast.




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